It's Early but...Taming of the Slough 2023!

It's Early but...Taming of the Slough 2023!

By: Marcus "Marco" Anderson Comments: 0

It might be a bit early, but we're already getting excited about the Taming of the Slough put on by River Action.  Get over to River Action's site and read about all of the details!  Here's a quick snippet of what they are saying about it...

"Join River Action for our annual Taming of the Slough Adventure Triathlon this fall to paddle, mountain bike, and run your way to the top. This year's Taming of the Slough will take place in downtown Moline. The route takes you through the Sylvan Slough by kayak or canoe, then through one of the Quad Cities excellent single track mountain bike trails on Sylvan Island, and finishes with a run up to and around the oculus on the Pedestrian path of the I-74 bridge.

Start thinking of your 2023 team, either compete individually or form a team to Tame the Slough!"

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